Cosplay After Dark: The 18+ Cosplay Contest

Mistress of Ceremonies (MC): The Countess
Time: Saturday 11pm
Location: Main Events
Note: 18+ ID checked

Come see what happens when cosplayers are let out after dark. Who needs best in show? When you are looking for the Breast in Show! Think you can handle the winner of the Best Thirst trap? And will 2B with the Best Ass or not 2B? Come see the cosplays that only fans know about.

18+ Cosplay Contest Rules

The rules for our 18+ Cosplay Contest are as follows:

  • No one under 18 may participate or view this event.
  • ID’s will be checked at sign up and again at the entrance door.
  • While it is an 18+ event, we ask that genitals to be covered during your performance. We will have a sheet on hand in case of wardrobe malfunctioning.
  • While on stage, contestants can take off their masks if they wish to do so but must promptly put them back on upon exiting the stage and wear it while waiting in line prior to going onto stage.
  • Judging will be based on stage presence and audience reaction.
  • For contestants that wish to use their own audio, we ask that you bring a copy of it via USB drive, with a max time of 3 minutes.
  • Phone usage will not be allowed by anyone in the room. If you must use your phone, you will need to exit the event room, however know that re-entry may be denied if room is at capacity.
  • While we understand this event is a little risqué and may evoke some carnal urges, anyone found to be relieving their urges will be promptly evicted from the event and turned over to Orange County Sheriffs.

You may download and print the entry form below or apply at the convention.