AFO 2023 18+ Costume Contest

Thank you for your interest in participating in AFO 2023 18+ Costume Contest! Please read through all the rules listed below before submitting your entry.

Contest Rules

  • No one under 18 may participate or view this event. No exceptions.
  • ID’s will be checked at sign up for all participants and again at the entrance door for entry.
  • While it is an 18+ event, we ask that genitals to be covered during your performance. We will have a sheet on hand in case of any wardrobe malfunctioning.
  • Judging will be based on stage presence and audience reaction, not on craftsmanship. So make sure to give those judges all the attention! They might have some tips (read: $$$).
  • For contestants that wish to use their own audio, we ask that you submit your audio (in MP3 format!) below in the link.
  • Phone usage will NOT be allowed by anyone in the room. It is for the respect of the performers that want to be able to let loose without fear of repercussions. If you must use your phone, you will need to exit the event room, however know that re-entry may be denied if room is at capacity.
  • While we understand this event is a little risqué and may evoke some carnal urges, anyone found to be relieving their urges will be promptly evicted from the event and turned over to Orange County Sheriffs.
Prizes will be updated as we come closer to the convention:
  1. Breast in Show
  2. Best Thirst Trap
  3. Best Ass
If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected] Thank you again for submitting your application for the 18+ Contest! We can’t wait to see what everyone brings this year! ~Moira