No One Knew

Another day at Yamata high and another day Ria spent waiting for, well, anything. The redhead sat underneath a tree on the grounds, watching two groups of kids bickering back and forth. Now and again, one would stand taller or attempt to throw a punch, but someone always stopped it. They knew better than to straight up fight while school was still in session.

No One Witnessed

Illus. by Lark Raster

The door shut behind Yuzuru, creating the smallest echo of noise in the deserted hallway, followed by a small sigh of relief. Spending all afternoon and night studying was always a pain, but his grades reflected the hard work. Yuzuru just wished his sleep schedule didn’t suffer because of it.

No One Answered

“I’m tellin’ ya, I saw some serious stuff down the hallway,” Aono told his friend. Aono stood taller, looking over the head of Mizore and into the long hallway he had just mentioned to her. He didn’t need to see her face to know she rolled her eyes when he heard a small scoff. “And […]