Featured Performers and Panelists

Featured Performers

These are some of the talented performers and panelists you can expect to see at AFO 2024!

Project Appleverse

We are Project AppleVerse! An Idol Dance Duo from Central Florida, consisting of members Apple, the silly green apple, and Universe, the passionate blue star. Combining our names, we are AppleVerse! Our goal is to make others smile with our dance covers, performances, and events. We organize random dance panels and idol events at conventions throughout Central Florida. We want to make exciting, unforgettable memories with each other, idols in the community, and the audience~!

Join Project Appleverse for Idol Fest Saturday, June 29 at 2:00pm in Main Events at AFO 2024!

Sweet Tooth Maid Cafe

Sweet Tooth Maid Cafe is a Florida based Maid Cafe and we’re honored to be a part of this years AFO! Join us for an enchanting show and delightful moments with our charming butlers and adorable maids while we guarantee the sweetest experience possible! We’re proud to showcase many types of people within our staff, in every size, shape and color of the rainbow! With multiple shows daily, we extend a warm invitation to our cozy realm of sugar, tailored just for our esteemed guests! Click here to get your early bird ticket today!

Sweet Tooth Maid Cafe will have sessions Friday & Saturday from 12-8 and Sunday from 12-5 in Workshop B.


Azazus is a trailblazing Florida music artist celebrated for his innovative Anime-Rap sound, which embodies the spirit of rebellion, empowerment, and heroic triumph. With over 2.12 million streams worldwide and charting #17 in Germany & #32 in Japan, his music has captivated a vast audience. Renowned for his high-energy performances, Azazus has appeared on stages at prominent events such as Anime Festival Orlando, Brick City Anime Festival, Wasabicon, and more. Plus has collaborated with notable artists like None Like Joshua.

Find Azazus performing alongside other talented artists at the One Piece Meetup & Nerdcore Concert Friday night at AFO. 

Liza Pasha

Since 2012, Terrible Fanfiction Dramatic Reading Theater has developed a small following of sorts at anime conventions around Florida. The concept is simple: We read bad fanfiction, and have audience members act it out as it’s read, typos and all! The people behind this panel will be debuting some new debauchery at AFO this year: Drunk Anime Retellings – a panel about explaining anime plots badly (alcohol optional!) WARNING! Our panels, even the all-ages ones, may have some naughty language and content that may be unsuitable to some youngins. Viewer discretion is advised.

Verna Vendetta

Verna Vendetta is a gender-bending cosplayer, burlesque performer, drag artist, and professional tailor. A featured entertainer at conventions and festivals nationwide, Verna is a regular cast member of Oriana’s Drag Race & Drag Show, performing alongside AFO 2024 guest Oriana Perón. By day, Verna is the owner of queer tailoring company and gift shop, Bloomington Stitchery. Verna’s favorite thing to do is stay home with their cats, Egg and Captain Pumpkinator. 

Gross Angel

Gross Angel Is a Rapper, producer, and bassist from the San Antonio area who’s mastered combining technical wordplay, grooving cadences , and his bouncy, bass heavy signature style of beats to make music that the hard-core hip-hop fans, and people looking for the vibes can rock with. Find Gross Angel at Gross Angel Otaku Rap Friday night. 

Mike Drop

Mike Drop is an Anime Hip Hop / Rap artists from Miami, FL. A veteran of the Florida convention scene (MEGACON, Florida Supercon, Otakufest, etc.) as well as other appearances nationally, his style takes heavy influences from battle rap word play and freestyling, while mixing it with new school sounds. By adding in his love for anime (with some comic book and video game inspiration sprinkled in), he blends pop culture and nerd culture for all parties listening to enjoy. Find Mike Drop at the Mike Drop Hip Hop Showcase Friday night. 

CRH Productions

CRH Productions is Florida’s most eclectic acting troupe, performing year round at many of your favorite conventions all over the state. Performing since 2009, CRH has strived to be a welcoming group, bringing in people of all skill levels to share what they all love: performance. 
Their primary goal is to share this love with the audience and bring some of the grandest and most entertaining shows one can imagine. They want to push the limit of what people believe is possible for stage shows not only at conventions, but anywhere. Their specialties include burlesque, fight shows, interactive events, and aerialist shows. 

Speakeasy Sirens

The Speakeasy Sirens are an Orlando based burlesque troupe that was established in 2015. The Sirens are a troupe based in believing that everybody who has the passion and hard work to belong on a stage should have their spotlight regardless of internal or external factors. Bringing their love of cosplay to the stage, these trained theater performers, dancers, singers and more all mix their pop culture crazes into their art in a way that brings your wildest fantasies to life. Appearing at multiple conventions around the state of Florida and Georgia, their performers pour their heart and souls into their acts to make your waifus and husbandos come to life! Their exploits are sponsored in part by My Geek Glory!

Grab your VIP Speakeasy Sirens and CRH burlesque show tickets now on SpeakeasySirens.com !

Featured Panelists and Panels

Charlotte Gaymers Network

The Charlotte Gaymers Network (CGN) was founded by friends Jonny Saldana and Zach Smith, who identified a need in the LGBTQ+ community to stay connected to one another in the midst of a world-altering pandemic. Founded on July 6th, 2020, CGN strives to create an inclusive environment of folks from all walks of life who are united in our passion and love for all things gaming. Group members enjoy board games, tabletop games, video games, and the social events that bring us together. Our events take place in Charlotte, North Carolina and its surrounding areas. Our members are diverse, enthusiastic to meet new friends, and most importantly — welcoming.

We are excited to participate in Anime Festival Orlando, where we will be hosting two panels: the “Diversity in Gaming” panel, focusing on the importance of representation and inclusion in the gaming community, and the “How to be an Ally” panel, providing insights and practical advice on supporting and advocating for LGBTQ+ individuals in gaming and beyond. We hope to see you at an event soon!


Meet D3KUniverse, a vibrant and dynamic group of five creative individuals [Zu Kitty, Thee Kare Bear, Deon Durr, Azazus, and Verglas Prince] who have come together to form a unique collective that is making waves in the world of cosplay, nerdcore, and beyond. The group’s name stands for Dreams Don’t Die Krew, representing their shared belief in the power of dreams and creativity. Together, they are the founders of a brand new cosplay and nerdcore party event in Gainesville called Nerd-U. DK3Universe will be hosting panels throughout the weekend. 

Whose Line is it Anime?

Whose Line is it Anime?! is an improv comedy show inspired by the great Whose Line is it Anyway? Performers will take to the stage and create scenes based on your suggestions with no scripts. Every show is unique and so you will not see the same show twice. With over 10 years of shows in our belt and a cast of talented performers from the Orlando Indie Improv circuit, this is a show you don’t want to miss.