Featured Performers

Featured Performers

Project AppleVerse - AFO

Project AppleVerse

We are Project AppleVerse! An Idol Dance Duo from Central Florida, consisting of members Apple, the silly green apple, and Universe, the passionate blue star. Combining our names, we are AppleVerse! Our goal is to make others smile with our dance covers, performances, and events. We organize random dance panels and idol events at conventions throughout Central Florida. We want to make exciting, unforgettable memories with each other, idols in the community, and the audience~! They will be hosting Idol Fest at AFO 2023. You can find them on Instagram and YouTube.


Oriana Perón

Oriana Perón is a cosplaying, costume, and fashion designing drag queen. She has been cosplaying since 2006 when this nerdy hobby turned into a passionate career. Oriana has studied theatre and costume design at Indiana University and continues her studies with a focus on fashion design, metal smithing, and jewelry crafting. She’s one of our guests as well as a performer for AFO 2023.


Azazus “ah-zays-us” is an American nerdcore artist and record producer born on January 14, 1993, in Mobile, Alabama (now based in Gainesville, FL).  Azazus released music on TikTok and YouTube during 2020 that became notable among content creators using the app. The total TikTok music streams has since accumulated over 1.88 million views from content creators using his sounds. The artist documented many of the viral moments on the highlight section of his verified Instagram profile. Azazus has since been creating a wave in entertainment through the Nerdcore and Anime Rap genre of music. As of recently, the artist has charted #17 on Amazon Music charts in Germany and #32 in Australia.

Breakdancing Kakashi

Chuck Stroschein aka Breakdancing Kakashi has been performing/competing at conventions since 2007. Since his debut he has branched out from just dancing to many other forms of entertainment including hosting, directing, burlesque, bar mitzvahs, weddings, America’s Got Talent, fight shows and many others. He has been a stable of several conventions since their first year. You can always catch him in the main events room hosting or helping out, or you can find him where there is great music.

Rhythm Bastard

Rhythm Bastard is a hardcore nerdcore furry punk rock face melting himbo hailing from West Palm Beach, FL making music for fighters, furries and fanboys alike. He has been playing different conventions throughout the country both new and established, such as Texas Furry Fiesta, Momocon, Megaplex, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Anthrocon and more.

In 2022, he released Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock, a celebration of his 10+ year discography with a collection of live staples, Patreon exclusives, and more, where most of the songs were re-recorded and remastered.

Currently you can hear his music on the ZoneCast series of Podcasts, the Actual Play Podcast RPG Pals Club, and performing as part of the 3000 Brigade Acting Troupe.

Speakeasy Sirens

Passion for pop culture is what drives us. With years in the performing arts and costuming community it was only a matter of time before most of us stumbled upon burlesque, and we know how to make a show like no other. With performers being featured in national competitions and shows such as American Ninja Warrior, America’s Got Talent and more well renowned productions, we make sure to fan the flames and keep things on that perfect borderline of sexy, sultry, and absolutely stunning. The way that only the Speakeasy Sirens can.

CRH Productions

CRH Productions is Florida’s most eclectic acting troupe, performing year round at many of your favorite conventions all over the state. Performing since 2009, CRH has strived to be a welcoming group, bringing in people of all skill levels to share what we all love: performance. 
Our primary goal is to share this love with the audience and bring some of the grandest and most entertaining shows one can imagine. We want to push the limit of what people believe is possible for stage shows not only at conventions, but anywhere.
Our specialties include burlesque, fight shows, interactive events, and aerialist shows.