Jennie Kwan

Actor / Singer / Voice Actor

Jennie Kwan, known for her roles as Suki in “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and Thirteen in “Scissor Seven,” is joining us at AFO 2023! You might also recognize her as the voice of Chun-Li in the 2023 video game Street Fighter 6.


Autograph Price: $40 auto and personal items, $60 combo auto/selfie, $50 Byopop, $70 if Pop is bought at table. $20 quotes on Pop, $50 audio/video recording
Photo Price: $40-$50


Jennie is a versatile stage actor, singer, and voice actor with a broad range of animated characters in her portfolio. She is best known to anime fans for her work as Suki in Nickelodeon’s hit animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and fans can also look forward to hearing her voice as Chun-Li in the highly anticipated video game Street Fighter 6, set to release in 2023.

Jennie has lent her voice to a variety of other notable characters as well, including Thirteen in “Scissor Seven,” Mayuko Nise in “High Rise Invasion,” Inosuke’s Mother, Kasuski Soldier in “Demon Slayer,” Tsukuyo Amane in “Magia Record 2,” Aqua Current in “Accel World,” Kakushi and Innosuke’s Mother in “Demon Slayer,” Sakuya in “Eureka Seven,” Tsukuyo Amane in “Magica Record,” Sonoko Suzuki in “Case Closed: Episode One-The Great Detective Turned Small,” Ayako Mitsuzuri and Otoko Hotaruzuka in “Fate Stay Night,” Soatoko Hojo in “When They Cry,” Nori Sakurada in “Rozen Maiden,” and many more.
In addition to her work in animated series, Jennie has also lent her voice to video game projects, including Jubilee in “MARVEL Super War: Jubilee Build and Power Core,” Aina in “.hack//G.U.: Last Recode,” and Eunice in “Rune Factory: Frontier,” among others. Jennie’s range and skill as a voice actor are truly impressive, and fans of all types of media will appreciate the breadth of her talent.