John started down the road of anime in 1997, when he landed his first
role in Golden Boy at ADV Films. Since then, John has gone on to
voice hundreds shows and characters with Sentai Films, Funimation,
Rooster Teeth, ADV Films, Switchblade Films, Okratron 5000,
Gearbox, Seraphim Digital and Illumitoons. John’s wife once quipped
that there are certain actors who might be the “Brad Pitt” of anime but
John is the “Kevin Bacon” of anime.

Being a character actor has allowed John the freedom to voice
bazillions of characters such as All for One in My Hero Academia,
Kumatetsu, The Beast in The Boy and the Beast, Bols in Akame Ga
Kill, Undertaker in Black Butler, Salvador in Borderlands II (VG),
Gendo in Evangelion, Lord Death in Soul Eater, Hohenheim in
Fullmetal Alchemist, Sir Crocodile in One Piece, Dodoria in DBZ
Kai, Hades in Fairy Tale, Zachary in Attack on Titan, Aramaki in
Ghost in the Shell, Jinnouchi in Summer Wars, and El Rey in
Nomad of Nowhere, as well as roles in numerous live action films
including the ever popular spoof Lake Texarkana Gamera.

In 2004, John jumped to the other side of the “mic” to direct tons of
shows. Some he has recently directed include Domestic Girlfriend,
BangDream, Revue Starlight, Senryu Girl, and Doreiku.
In addition to anime, John has acted in hundreds of radio and tv
commercials and several films including the cult fav…Dazed and