Temporary Weapons Policy Addendum

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In light of the recent firearms activity nationwide, and in order to ensure all of our attendee’s safety, Anime Festival Orlando (AFO) is enacting a temporary ban on any and all realistic looking firearms.  We want all of our attendees to feel safe and secure in our convention environment.  Not everyone is familiar with every costume and may not realize you are carrying a replica weapon.  If your costume requires a realistic looking firearm, we ask that you keep this new TEMPORARY ban in mind and adjust your costume appropriately.
This ban includes:

  • realistic looking replica weapons
  • realistic looking toys
  • Airsoft guns

This ban does NOT include:

  • Unrealistic looking or brightly coloured foam dart guns (NERF, Boomco, etc…)
  • Unrealistic looking science fiction, steampunk or fantasy firearms (Star Wars, light up laser guns, Super Soakers, and Gunblades)

Our security personnel will review any weapons brought to the convention at registration to make sure your weapon suitably meets our new TEMPORARY weapon requirements.  All decisions made by our security personnel are FINAL.
If your weapon does not meet our new requirements you will be asked to return it to your room or vehicle.
If you are seen by one of our staff or security volunteers with a realistic looking firearm, holstered or unholstered, you will be asked to return it to your room or vehicle.
Failure to do so may result in the confiscation of your badge and the privileges granted by it, and/or possible trespass warning where you will be escorted from the property by an officer of the Orange County Sheriff’s office.