AFO is requesting that any costumes with weapons as props be registered and peace-bonded if necessary.  Weapons are defined as any item that may intentionally or indirectly inflict injury or disturbance, such as guns, swords, staffs. However large wings and oversized costumes may also cause injury or damage so please be aware that a staff member may restrict your entrance to certain areas such as the dealers room, or Video Arcade. Please be aware that any staff member at anytime may request to inspect any prop or costume, or ask you to remove any offending item(s).

Please keep in mind that although AFO is the only event at the Wyndham Orlando Resort, during this weekend, we are not the only guests.  Do not brandish or display weapons randomly as to do so may cause adverse reactions from guests not attending the AFO event, and we really don’t want anyone getting into any trouble.  Thank you

Buying Weapons in the Dealer’s Room
Any dealer selling bladed weapons will be instructed to secure the article in a sealed box. The purchaser is responsible for removing the item immediately from the convention space. Please lock it in your vehicle or your room. Convention staff can not be responsible for holding items for you.