“I’m tellin’ ya, I saw some serious stuff down the hallway,” Aono told his friend.
Aono stood taller, looking over the head of Mizore and into the long hallway he had just mentioned to her. He didn’t need to see her face to know she rolled her eyes when he heard a small scoff.
“And what is the serious stuff you’re talking about?” She asked.
“It was this sorta…glow-y ball type o’ thing. It went and sat itself right in the middle of the air and I’m askin’ myself what sort of thing that gotta be right? Like, maybe a prop from the upcomin’ school play and-”
“Pretty sure RENT doesn’t have anything like that.”
“Don’t go interruptin’ me when I’m tellin’ ya my story,” Aono said, his brow furrowed. Mizore merely shrugged, head still forward into the darkness.
“Like I was sayin’, I’m watchin’ the thing and I’m right curious about it all, but I ain’t stupid.”
Another scoff from Mizore.
“So I take a few steps closer. Like inch by inch, right? It’s bright, but there’s no warmth at all in the thing. So I’m gettin’ closer still and wouldn’t ya know it when a claw like thing reaches out from the ball orb thing and takes a swipe at me!”
A moment of silence. “…So you’re saying that in this hallway, there’s an evil orb trying to slash kids to death? Or was it just after you? Maybe it wanted to give you a haircut Aono. It has been awhile.”
“Lay off, chicks dig the long locks. And I ain’t jokin’ Miz. I ran for my bleedin’ life like I ain’t ever run before.”
Mizore clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth and turned back around to face Aono. Her purple bangs hung in front of her face and her usual callous demeanor was a little less bitchy. Her brow scrunched, one eyebrow raised. “You want us to go check it out together then? So I can show you there’s nothing to be afraid of.”
“I ain’t got a better thing to be doin’ with my free period.”
“When did you see it again?”
“Lunch time, yeah.”
“Why were you going through the abandoned parts of the school during your lunch time?”
“Cause I was bleedin’ curious. Why did they shut this side down?”
Mizore rolled her eyes, “With all of those accidents? Come on, Aono. You know this.”
“I ain’t know a whole lotta nothin’,” Mizore gave a small shrug. Aono playfully smacked her arm. “Stop. But I mean, like okay- accidents happen. But no one knows the name of the kids that were on that list. I think they’re hidin’ somethin’ in this side of the school.”
“You think they faked a bunch of fake kids’ deaths in order to work on something secret in a school?” Now both of Mizore’s eyebrows were up and her bitch face was back.
“I mean, yeah somethin’ like-”
“Just because we haven’t heard of those kids doesn’t mean a thing. They could’ve been underclassmen we never interacted with. Plus why wouldn’t they just shut it down for repairs if they wanted an excuse? Why fake deaths? And why, in the name of the nine tailed beast, would they work on something secret in the school? And who even is they anyway? I’m serious, Aono- you need to stop-”
“Mizore. Look.”
Aono was pointing in front of him as the ghostly light began to grow. Mizore spun around, her hair whipping around her face. The orb-like entity was floating a few feet above the ground and was growing brighter. Whether it was because it was getting closer or because it was just getting brighter, Aono didn’t know.
“What the-” Mizore whispered to herself and took a step closer. Aono’s hand immediately sought her’s out and interlaced their fingers. A small heat rose to his cheeks, but he ignored it. Give it a ghostly ball of energy for him to finally make a move with Mizore.
She stopped when he took her hand. She glanced back and gave a nervous smile, “Looks like you were right for once.”
“I’ve been right more times than once,” He whispered, suddenly scared of being too loud.
“Okay, maybe twice.” Aono gave a small laugh.
“Yeah, shut up.” Despite his words, his lips held a small smile and his cheeks were slowly getting warmer. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Aono realized that Mizore was growing in definition- a light shining brighter and brighter on her. “Mizore, it’s behind-”

A ways away, a gang of students sat under a tree on the campus of their school. Some had dyed hair, reds and oranges, while others’ uniforms were stained and altered. They all sat or stood or leaned in a circle, able to speak openly to one another. Their conversation ceased. A loud, piercing scream came from inside of the school.
“What do, I mean- that was loud. What do you think it was though?” The biggest asked. The rest couldn’t answer.