How to Play

How to Play

Tales of Orlandia is a Live Action Convention Experience (LACE) exclusive to Anime Festival Orlando. Every year, the Tales of Orlandia team picks a theme, such as Cyberpunk, High Fantasy, Superheroes, and other themes that fall into the realm of anime and Japanese culture; then based on that theme they craft this unique experience.

Attendees of the convention are invited to become Orlandians and take part in this interactive show and game where they get to directly affect the Tales of Orlandia story through quests, card games, and other forms of gameplay. Tales of Orlandia is completely free for AFO attendees, and is intended to be enjoyed amidst your other convention plans; although it can be enjoyed as your main event as well. All players are welcome, no matter your level of commitment to the game. 

How it Works

Tales of Orlandia takes place over the entire convention weekend, with the main story being told through a scripted stage show. This show will introduce the setting, the conflict, and the various factions at play in the world this year. The show usually takes place in 3 acts and is spread across the weekend; Act 1 during Opening Ceremonies, Act 2 as its own show, and Act 3 at Closing Ceremonies.

How to Participate

Want to participate and potentially affect how the story ends? Aside from the main story told on stage, there is a dedicated room at the convention, nicknamed the Tavern, where most of the action takes place. In order to participate, head to the Tavern and speak with someone at the sign-up desk to help you get started. They’ll give you the basic rundown on how to get started playing and how to support your chosen faction. 

The NPCs of Orlandia

Once you’ve chosen a faction in the Tales of Orlandia conflict, you will begin to meet an array of non-playable characters, or NPCs. They will guide you, challenge you, and sometimes even entertain you. Most NPC’s even have their own unique storylines and quests throughout the weekend, running concurrently to the main storyline. 

Warriors of Orlandia

Tales of Orlandia has its own unique collectible card game, or CCG, known as Warriors of Orlandia. Warriors of Orlandia is a fast-paced CCG featuring tactical turn-based combat. Every year a new set is created and can be completely collected for free by playing the game. A team of game designers and artists builds a full deck of cards and promotional items each year that fit the theme of that year’s Tales of Orlandia experience. Playing Warriors of Orlandia is great way to earn points towards your faction.

More Ways to Play

Playing the Warriors of Orlandia card game isn’t the only way to lead your faction to victory. You also have the option of playing carnival games, choosing quests from a quest board, or doing various other activities to earn points in the game. At the end of the weekend, the faction with the highest score wins the game and will be victorious in the conflict. Not only that, but for their contributions, the players with the highest scores receive prizes. In past years, prizes have ranged from custom Warriors of Orlandia boards to a pass to the next year’s convention.

So come join us and start your very own Tale of Orlandia.