Orlandia – FAQ

Tales of Orlandia is the name of the interactive convention experience that takes place at Anime Festival Orlando. It consists of on-stage skits, card games, quests, and small events throughout the convention.
It is a way to give AFO attendees something to do when they are between panels and events. It also gives attendees a way to become more involved with the convention itself.
Tales of Orlandia is run by volunteers and AFO staff members who work year-round, going to other conventions, running outside events, and doing community outreach; as well as planning the event, writing the story, creating art and making costumes.
Curse of the White Witch is this year’s subtitle for the Tales of Orlandia story and event. Just like if you were reading a book or watching a movie, the meaning of the subtitle will become apparent as the story unfolds at the convention.
The theme is a clash of clans that live in different villages, who are trying to put on a traditional festival, but will have to set aside their differences to do so. The setting is a feudal Japan-era festival.
Join us in the tavern, a room that will be located in the first hallway to the left, just past the main lobby. You will sign up as a player, then be recruited to the clan that you feel suits you.
You can level up by playing games, completing quests, and being on the winning team. It is an individual, as well as team, effort. If you win, you will get a pass to the next AFO, along with other prizes yet to be determined.
The winning faction will be announced during the final act of the show. Who wins will determine the course of the final act, so be sure to attend closing ceremonies.
The main storyline will be taking place at Opening Ceremonies, the Happy Happy Cosplay GO GO GO Cosplay Contest and Closing Ceremonies. There will be side drama going on in the tavern, so to get the full experience, go there.

Some of the story is posted on the website. You can find that here.

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