Cosplay and Costume Contest

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The Happy Happy Cosplay GO GO GO Cosplay Contest has been a staple of AFO for over 20 years. Cosplay and conventions have always existed side by side. Cosplay keeps evolving over time, with the costumes, props and accessories fans create becoming more creative and impressive every year. We can’t wait to see what our cosplayer fans can do at this year’s contest.

If you’re ready to show off your cosplay skills, carefully read the rules below, and fill out or print the application.


  • All contestants must have a valid badge for AFO (either weekend or Saturday only)

  • All contestants are required to attend prejudging and the pre-show meeting (location TBA and will be informed at signup where it is and exact time)

  • Line up starts 1 hour before the contest starts.

  • Costumes must have been 70% handmade. If a contestant feels uncertain if they meet the criteria, to email the coordinator for confirmation.

  • No store-bought costumes. 

  • Commissioned costumes must have the creator present in person at the time of judging and at the contest. If the creator is not present, the model cannot enter the contest.

  • Costumes and props must follow and abide by all rules set up by AFO and Wyndham Resort.

  • Prejudging time will be 5 minutes per entry (groups may be given extra time depending on size)

  • Contestants are required to bring reference photos, either physical or on an electronic device, such as a phone or tablet.


  • Best in Show

  • Best Masters

  • Best Intermediate

  • Best Novice 

  • Best Youth 

  • Best Group

  • Best Prop

  • Best Armor

  • Judges Awards

Cosplay Contest Registration Form

Download AFO Cosplay Contest Registration Form (PDF)

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