Tales of Orlandia


Join a Faction!  Fight for Dominance!  Save the World!

Anime Festival Orlando maintains one of the busiest schedules you will find at any convention, but we also understand that there will be “down time” at some point.  You know, times when you are waiting for an event, or haven’t found that next cool thing you and your friends are doing.  During your time at the convention, you can enhance your weekend by participating in our weekend long Interactive Convention Experience.  (It’s like an MMORPG but with people)
This year’s storyline, Syndicates of Cyber-Orlandia, takes place in a Cyberpunk future where players will fight to stop a computer virus affecting and infecting everyone’s tech.  You can get more info about the story here.
All the action is centered around “The Tavern”.  Players can participate in a variety of different ways to help your faction reach it’s goal.  The NPC’s (Non Player Characters) in the Tavern will give you tasks or quests to complete to gain experience (XP) which can help your faction win.  You can use that XP to help your faction directly or you can use it to enhance your arsenal of cards in AFO’s very own collectable card game,

Warriors of Orlandia

Warrior card

Warriors of Orlandia is a tactical card game specially designed for quick action packed game play. In Warriors you take on the role of a Warrior in the arena fighting your opponent. Fight until you’re the last one standing! The game is for two to four players, is easy to learn and can be played in under 10 minutes.  It has endless strategies to explore, and can use cards from from any of our previous expansions.
It can be played against other players (Con attendees) or the NPC’s in the Tavern.  With a variety of game modes, it can also be played cooperatively versus powerful enemies and environments in Encounters mode.
You’ll get a free starter set, when you register in the Tavern  and you can earn all of this year’s cards by playing the game and participating in the Orlandia experience. Tutorials are available all weekend in the Tavern and at panels every day of the convention!
We have several tournaments each year with a variety of prizes including passes to next year’s AFO, custom Warriors of Orlandia wooden play boards, and the chance to create your own card to appear in next year’s game!