Cosplay Contest

AFO 2024 Happy Happy Cosplay GO GO GO Cosplay Contest Registration


Thank you for your interest in the AFO 2024 Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest! Our cosplay contest will be taking place Saturday, June 29th at the Rosen Plaza in Orlando, Florida.

Before you apply, please carefully read the rules below:

Contest Rules
– Costumes that have won a previous award higher than Judge’s Award/Honorable Mention (ie. Best Novice/Journeyman/Intermediate/Master/In Show/Prop/Armor/Group, etc) cannot submit the same costume. 
– All contestants must have valid admission for AFO (a 3-day or Saturday-only pass).
– All contestants must attend prejudging. The location and times will be provided closer to the time of the contest and will also be emailed to those who fill out this preregistration form. 
– Online preregistration will cut off at 30 entries, with a limited amount available at the convention for those that did not fill out the online form in time. Please go to the Cosplay Repair table at the con for on-site signups.
– Line up starts 1 hour before the contest. If the contestant does not show up by the start time of the contest they forfeit their chance to win an award.
– Costumes must be at least 70% handmade. Items of the costume can be thrifted/bought but must be altered in some way (ie. making it sleeveless, dyeing it, etc). If a contestant feels uncertain as to whether they meet the criteria, email the coordinator for confirmation.
– No store-bought costumes will be allowed.
– Commissioned costumes must have the creator present in person at the time of judging and at the contest. If the creator is not present, the model cannot enter the contest.
       *If said costume was made by someone else (friend, relative, etc), said person will need to be at prejudging and the contest to be eligible for a prize. If they are not present, then the person wearing the costume will not be prejudged.
– Costumes and props must follow and abide by all rules set up by AFO and Rosen Plaza.
– Prejudging time will be 5 minutes per entry. Groups may be given extra time depending on size.
– Contestants are required to bring reference photos, either printed or on an electronic device, such as a phone or tablet.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Moira at