Interactive Convention Experience


Tales of Orlandia, is an Interactive Convention Experience that you can only find at Anime Festival Orlando.  During AFO, attendees can become players in a weekend long MMO styled game whose results are determined by the players.  Players start the game by choosing a faction to play for.  Factions are represented by a variety of Non-Player Characters with causes to fight for in our Tavern.  Players can battle for the glory of their faction in a variety of ways, from arm wrestling and dance offs to our custom collectible card game Warriors of Orlandia.

Warriors of Orlandia is a proprietary card game brought to you by Anime Festival Orlando.  It can be played anywhere and enjoyed by all ages and all skill levels.  If you’re a seasoned gamer or brand new to this gaming thing, Warriors of Orlandia can be learned in about 10 minutes.  The average game takes about 5 minutes to play, so it’s perfect for those times in between convention events.

A variety of game modes and deck building strategies allow for satisfying gameplay for all skill levels.  Warriors is an expandable card game as well.   All the previous sets use the same engine so any card from the previous sets can be used in your deck.  If you want to be a Pirate with a Samurai sword, rocket boots, and a chainmail bikini; this is the game for you.

When you get to AFO, stop by the Tavern and pledge to a faction.  Then choose your character and start building your card collection!

Adventurers Wanted

Welcome Brave Souls!  Welcome to the kingdom of Orlandia.

Orlandia is a much-storied country where each year many brave adventurers visit to find and fight for glory, experience, and the valuable magical metal Khazhardanium.  Adventure can be yours if you see an attendant in the Tavern at Anime Festival Orlando.

Orlandia has been host to many different adventures over the last 12 years, at Anime Festival Orlando.  We’ve seen a fairy tale kingdom split apart as two heirs to the throne fought a War of Talons.  Later an accident caused the capital city to be flung into the sky so that it hovered above the kingdom giving rise to an age of airships and sky piracy.

Alas the city fell, literally.  The resulting cataclysm created a post-apocalyptic landscape where anarchist Jesters, and brave resistance fighters battled the forces of the Empress for  control of  the land.  Using a Space-based laser cannon, the Jesters turned the land to ash.  Rising from those ashes The Wylde Wood, the magical forest on the outskirts of the kingdom, overgrew all that was there.  It gave rise to mutations and new species, which flourished in this new landscape.  The NuHelix corporation, tried to exploit these creatures in its quest for more Khaz and influence.

The adventures continued into the far future where the Rocket Rangers of Astro Force Orlandia moved into space and fought the dreaded Felixian Empire, a race of cat people from Mars.  Further out in the solar system, many years later, a new asteroid field was discovered to be full of Khaz, and a new Khaz rush was on.  Space Cowboys and the military clashed over control of this new rich find.

Far back in Orlandia’s past, the early tribes that first settled there, The Ravens, Wolves, and the Bears fought a battle on many fronts against an ancient Goddess and her army of the undead.

In the future a mad scientist found a way to crack into the Multiverse and manipulate various timelines to save a loved one taken too soon.  The peoples of various eras had to work together to stop this insane Crisis on Infinite Orlandias.

On a smaller scale an army of ghosts tried to invade Orlandia, only to be stopped by teams of brave High School adventurers and their School Spirits.

This year we will be exploring the Seas of Orlandia.  Help us discover a mysterious storm shrouded island and the treasure of it’s secretive inhabitants.