Orlandia: a place of legend, and of stories uncounted. A land steeped in magic, and forged in steel. Empires have risen and fallen, just as corporations have taken hold and been dismantled.  Keep up with the adventure in our Tales of Orlandia Story.


Thanks to everyone who auditioned. The cast list for Tales of Orlandia – School Spirits is as follows:
Patroclus: William McDonald
Shana: Bailey Coleman
Ren: Michelle Underwood
Risa: April Amalfitano
Ryu: Andy Emmerson
Kurama: Amy Gonka
Harö: Stephanie Cooper
Umi: Lars Carlile
Kota: Zak Wilson
Tokageroh: Ross “Spike”
Hiei: Sean Waterhouse

For more updates on the interactive convention experience, like the Codex Orlandia page.