Anime Festival Orlando (AFO) was the first convention of its kind in the Central Florida area way back in the year 2000.  Back then there were only three “nerd conventions” in the state.  Eighteen years later we are still going strong as Florida’s Favorite Anime Convention.  Averaging around 3500 attendees, we are on the larger side of a small convention.  We are large enough to be fun, but intimate enough to ensure a great convention experience for the attendees.
Over the years we have always tried to stay true to our mission of bringing fans the best in Anime/ Video Game entertainment.  We usually focus on anime voice talent and Manga Artists.  Basically our guests come from all walks of the Japanese entertainment industry.
For the past 13 years we have been cultivating interest in the Japanese Tokusatsu (live action SFX dramas) industry.  We re-sparked interest in the Power Rangers  in 2004 with the Green Ranger’s first convention appearance, and have since kept a roster of other Power Rangers and stuntman guests over the years.
We also were one of the first conventions to reunite the voice/ mo-cap cast of Devil May Cry 4.
Eleven years ago, we created a unique  Interactive Convention Experience (ICE) for our attendees.  It is a JRPG/ MMORPG style weekend experience called “Tales of Orlandia,” that the attendees playing can affect the outcome of the weekend long storyline.  To this end we have created a collectible card game “Warriors of Orlandia” that attendees can play and collect all weekend for free.  This year sees the third set of Warriors cards that can be used together with all previous card sets.
We pride ourselves on having one of the most event packed schedules of any convention in the country.
Here you will find all the info about various aspects of the show.
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